Vishal Jindal  is a self-employed Filmmaker. Making films since 2013  – winning awards and prizes for his work. He made short films , corporate videos, and shoots a lot of music videos.

He is fascinated by the endless ways in which a filmmaker has control of the narrative. He particularly keen on the visual elements of film production. This fascinating medium never ceases to amaze him!

He enjoy seeing his clients very pleased with what he give them, and always perfect his work until he is 100% pleased with it, Vishal never finish productions thinking ‘that will do’ .He always learn new skills, ways of shooting things and creating films – making himself as open minded and creatively unique as possible.

For clients, he produced videos (normally working as Cinematographer, Director and Producer), on projects such as

o Music videos
o Corporate promotional films
o You Tube Films
o Documentaries
o Multi-camera theatre shoots

In addition, he had been involved in the production team (mainly as Director & Assistant Director) for the following projects –

o Documentaries
o Short films
o Feature Films
o Multi-camera event shoots

Along with his experience in production, He also had a lot of experience in post production. He often do all his editing by self, and always do his own visual effects and motion graphics with projects that require in it.
He also produced and hosted his show “Tea Talks With Vishal ” & many other YouTube series.